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Types of Mobile Phone Games

When it comes to mobile phone games there is more and more being released each and every day from a host of gaming genres. As there are so many of these games becoming available to gamers we thought it might be a great idea if we listed the types of genres of games that are available for mobile devices so that you know what each of them are and have a better understanding before you choose the games for you.

Below you will find a list of many of the types of games that you will find available as well as a brief description of what each of the genres entails.

1. Action Games – Action games are some of the most popular of all the games available on mobile devices and this category can fall into a wide number of games. In general action games are usually based on games such as shoot em ups, fighting games and war based games.

2. Adventure Games – This type of game usually consists of games where you will need to complete various levels which can include puzzle games and reflex games. Gamers will find themselves in these games using all their skills to guide the character through many levels with each of these levels offering a different challenge to them.

3. Card Games – this genre of game has a large number of games on offer as there are a huge amount of card games available to choose from. Some of these great games include poker, blackjack, rummy, solitaire and sudoku as well as many others.

4. Role Play Games – This type of game is mainly based on the gamer stepping into someone else’s shoes and controlling them. You will find that this type of game usually has in-depth storylines and characters and can take a large amount of time to complete but are great fun all round. A prime example of this type of game is the Sims games series.

5. Sports Games – These games are some of the most popular of all mobile games as they can be highly competitive and challenging for the gamer. These games include many sports games such as football, basketball, tennis, golf, boxing and many more.

6. Strategy Games – These games are some of the most in-depth and brain numbing games of all that are available on mobile devices. Players must use their strategic knowledge and skills to negotiate a large number of issues. Many of these games are based on war exercises and battles where players must position their military forces strategically to defeat their opponent. These games are very challenging and can take some time to get used to but once you have they are some of the most fun games out there.

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