Mobile App Developments

The latest Mobile App Developments in 2012.

The latest Mobile Applicatins that are Trending at the moment have been added to our Mobile App Development page, for our Readers to review at there leisure.

Sleep Talk Recorder App –  Is an innovative mobile app that is becoming more used daily.

Skyfire Web Browser App – For an alternative Internet Browser

Living Earth World Clock HD App – For a great resource in HD Time.

Flash Video Detect App – A Flash Media Alternative

Weather Live App

In addition we will be published the latest in Phone Technology due to be launched in 2012 by all of the leading manufacturers of Mobile Phones and other handheld devices. We aim at providing a one stop shop for all of our Readers, free of charge, along with the very latest news and opinions in the World of Mobile Apps.

Latest Mobile Applications News

The world of the mobile application sees many revolutionary new developments each day with the various mobile platforms seeing all new apps and software being implemented. The iPhone which is by far the world’s biggest mobile applications market provider has seen many new applications introduced this week with some excellent new mobile news apps being released onto the market.

The first of these is the AP Mobile iPhone app which allows users to view one of the largest collections of news and articles from their iPhone such as sport, local news, financial news and weather forecasts. This excellent new app also allows users to view additional content such as artwork at galleries as well as providing an all new news alert feature which will provide a message to your phone whenever there is any ground breaking and important news available. Find out about our Creative Commons license details here.

Another one of the hottest applications this week sees the New York Times delivering their first ever news application which allows user to again view a significant amount of news on their smart phone. The only downside to this application is that there is no alert facility available or push alert system but no the less this is still an excellent app for those needing to keep their fingers on the pulse from locations around the world. The Blackberry smart phone system has also seen some excellent applications launched this week which sees this fast up and coming app development team delivering to their customers once again and getting that little bit closer to the level of the iPhone.