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Firstly Security is often overlooked on mobile devices, however it is becoming even more important to have Anti Virus packages on your Mobile phone and hand held devices. This is due to the influx of similair threats that we revieve on our Computers, Servers and laptops, making the risk almost as equal with a mobile phone.

There are many variations as to the type of security you require, this varies from Android, Blackberry, IPAD and the Iphone. If any other our readers receive an Uncaught Excpetion message on there Blackberry device, It is highly recommended that they Reset the whole phone back to its Factory Default. This is due to a recent development of 3 way call manipulation, whereby other people, unknown to you, can listen on on your personal and business calls.

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The first of this week’s excellent applications for the Blackberry I would like to mention is the all new Tumblr app which allows users to easily post quotes, videos, audio recordings and photos from their mobile phone. This is an app which is similar to the way Facebook works and allows users to add content to their profiles by a simple procedure of uploading and pasting. The second excellent new application for this platform is the all new Bloomberg application which allows users to source an extreme amount of financial information wherever they are.

The application itself features many revolutionary tools for helping the user analyze the various market places around the world at ease.

The Android as well has seen some excellent apps released this week with the first being the Clockworkmod app which allows users to tether their mobile phones internet connection to a laptop. This is an excellent addition to the Androids catalogue as it allows users to do away with the extremely high hot spot charges and carrier fees as well as not requiring the user to root their phone. The next excellent application I would like to mention is the all new Quickoffice Pro app for the Android which has received excellent reviews from a variety of mobile app critics. This revolutionary new app allows users to use the industry leading Microsoft Office applications on their mobile phone. If you would like to listen to some of our write ups, check out our Player FM Profile page here.

Users will find a great advantage of using these functions which include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint as well as providing one of the best PDF readers available on the market today. As you can see there are many excellent new apps available and I have only touched the tip of the iceberg but you can find out more information on all the apps available by visiting the official app stores.

These are of course the Itunes store for Iphone, Blackberry Store for the Blackberry and the Android online store for the Android.