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Top Mobile Apps since 2012 – 2020

When it comes to mobile apps choosing which ones are the best can be quite a tough task as there are now more of these wonderful creations available than ever before so it can be very hard. The mobile app industry is in its largest state of growth ever and with this more and more developers are now jumping on to the scene which is great for us the users. With this in mind we see it could be a great advantage to have a list of some of the most popular apps from many different genres so you can enjoy them at your leisure.

The first mobile app category we will look at is the music and audio apps as these are some of the most popular kinds of app on the market today. The best of these apps we have reviewed is Beyond Pad which allows its users to arrange and organize their music files into play lists and sequences so you can now play your music easier than ever before.  The app is incredibly easy to use and within minutes you will have all your music organized just the way you want it.

The next app we have to recommend is from the internet browser category and is the Atomic Browser. This unique and highly useful browser offers the user a greatly improved internet browsing service with a host of new features incorporated into it such as increased numbers of bookmarks and multiple home page functions. If you browse the internet a lot then this mobile phone app can be one of the best things you ever download for your mobile as it is so much better than any other in its class.

One of the most successful industries within mobile apps is the mobile games industry and with this in mind the game we found to be the most entertaining from this genre is Angry Birds Mobile App. This exceptional new game is a puzzle based game where players must guide their teams of angry birds to destroy all the vicious pigs that are hell bent on destroying you and your habitat.

The game is by far one of the most entertaining and addictive ones we have ever played and will provide the user with many hours of gaming pleasure. If you love a good old puzzle / platform game then this will be right up your street and we cannot recommend it enough to you.

Another popular app that has seen a huge amount of support from users all over the world is the Bloomberg Mobile App which sees the worlds best known financial reporting company finally land on mobile devices. The app allows users to have a wealth of financial information at your finger tips wherever you are so you are kept up to date with all the latest happenings in the financial world. You can now check the stock market prices and all your other business ventures at the click of a button without needing any type of internet connection which can be very beneficial to all you high flyers out there.

The final mobile app on our list of the best apps of 2012 is a mapping application which can be sued to plot travelling distances and routes as well as much more. The app of course is Google Earth which now allows you to not only look at areas with a computerized view but also you can now take advantage of the innovative street view feature. You can also obtain directions to any location from where you are by simply entering the post code of your destination and start point and you will then be offered a wide variety of travel paths.

As you can see these apps can be of the very best use to you and can give you a useful helping hand in whatever you do so we hope that you get to use them as much as we do.

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