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How to execute game layer strategies

During the next decade, the game framework will develop very quickly as new types of game developers and  commercial ventures join the mobile gaming arena.

Presently most aspects of mobile game design and general console game design can be dramatically improved, in areas such as game layers and strategies as well as game dynamics. As a rule new games are released with the hope that “In Play Purchases” will work, alongside the hope that the game itself, is a success with end users, most especially the evolving mobile gaming community. The science behind the game layers is often overlooked, with the emphasis on “Branding” and other commercial driven needs and desires. Whilst this way has worked well with the previous decade of mobile and console users, it is by far the wrong way for the next decade.

If we examine the game developers mindset, and look at what drives him or her to there end goal, it is generally the following:

  1. A Bug free game
  2. Matching the pre-approved Game play constraints
  3. Completing the works on time
  4. New to the sector – Adding some In Play purchase options.
  5. Achieving cross compatibility on various devices.

Most developers will look at the aforementioned list and pretty much agree with half of them, as they have been the back bone of the “Game Story Board” and “Technical Brief” not to mention being instrumental in the implementation plan and VERY brief feasibility study.

The parts that are often overlooked, that are more important now than ever are as follows:

  1. Social Layer implementation
  2. Influencing the end user via various of game layers, such as in play purchase, reviews, discussions, competitions etc.
  3. Implementing Social & Game Layers together.

The term social layer in this instance relates to the existing Facebook “Open Graph” layer, which is by far the leading metric tool.

Now implementing the Social with the Game Layer, is simpler that people realize, most especially for the game developers, who by enlarge generally conflict to change. And so they should, when they have followed there tech worksheet in full, why then try and double back and make edits to ensure social and game layers work in harmony, after all reverse engineering code, is more difficult. This type of work, can be set out right at the beginning of the mobile game production, with simple “Predefined Actions” being implemented into the game infrastructure.

One example is “Sharing the latest score in Twitter or Facebook

Another is adding a  Geo location and update on various social networks, this works extremely well if you are looking to meet someone who also likes to game. This is pretty much on a par with how the Xbox and Playstation players, play online. The difference with a mobile game, is that you may be near someone in a train station, University or other public place, and then join up with them to take on challenges.

Influencing the gamer’s behavior and making a game more popular is best achieved via the joining up of Social Layers and Game Layers. Of course each game and also each gamer has a unique set of rules and options in terms of how the layers interact for the game play, I am confident most people get a basic understanding of what mobile game layer strategies are and also how they can be for future games.

The game dynamics and game players, should challenge themselves constantly, as this is surely the best way to evolve and develop new games of the future, that are not static but fluid and self evolving. The easiest way to achieve this is by communication, between the end user, the game developers and the commercial entities that drive the whole game industry forward.

Mobile Gaming Statistics for 2016

The mobile games industry is responsible for the huge increase in growth of the mobile media sector. It is reported that in 2014 the mobile industry generated over 20 Billion pounds sterling in revenue, with over 15 Billion coming from Smartphone gaming. Whilst mobile devices appear to be the front runner at present, there has been an increase for other devices such as Apple IPADS and other hand held tablet devices. By the year 2019 it is estimated the mobile sector will grow to more than 45 Billion,  with approx 1.5 billion mobile game users around the globe.

Some interesting mobile game statistics have been added in the image below:


These stats have been provided by Statista

Mobile Gaming Winners of 2016

During the course of 2016, there have been some fantastic mobile games introduced into the Industry, and we have added a brief review of each of our favorites below:

  1. The Swords – IOS Game

This game has been developed by Lee-Kuo Chen and is currently the number one game for IOS devices ( According to our own team of reporters)

This game invites players to deflect attacks in a variety of ways, such as Darts, Arrows and more. A really simple game, that almost anyone can play on the move, with a very addictive game play element.

2. Lost In Hamony – IOS & Android

A wonderful mobile game that brings skate boarding to life in an enjoyable way. The aim is to dodge whatever hazards are thrown at you, as you skate with your friend Aya. This is an easy on the eye game, that offers something a little different whilst you are on the move.

3. Reel Vegas – Mobile Casino

If you are looking for all of the fun of Las Vegas in the palm of your hand we highly recommend Reel Vegas. This gaming provider offers slot games, roulette completely free of charge, along with the option of betting if you want to.

4. Crashlands – IOS & Android

The game play is pretty impressive with Crashlands, as the theme is based on crashing your spaceship on a strange planet. The sounds are awesome, and the whole game play appears to be based on finding your way home away from the plant. A great game that anyone can play, on pretty much any type of mobile or tablet device.

5. Top Mobile Games Casino for 2016

The award for the best mobile casino for 2016 has been given to Chomp Casino, a free and simple to use games website, that works on pretty much any mobile phone and tablet device there is. Offering all of the usual industry standard Vegas style games, Chomp offers a simple “Swipe and Play” option for all users to enjoy. The company are pretty new to the mobile gaming sector, and already have made quite an impact.

For other Free mobile games, we recommend taking a look at the Official EA Sports Mobile games website.

The Best Mobile Product for 2016

The Portajoy Bluetooth Speaker has been awarded the best mobile product of 2016, with over 2000 votes from our readers and subscribers.

The speaker offers fantastic HI-FI sounds from any mobile phone or tablet that has Bluetooth, and boy does it sound great.

The range is also pretty impressive, we tested it over 10 meters and it was working great. Another great feature is the compact speaker and sensor touch control, which really does make it stand apart from other similar products. Whether you are camping, driving or sitting in the bath, this is a great product with fantastic sound.

The system has great BASS and a built in Microphone for hands free calling. This is also a great way to have a conference call whilst on the move.


More information can be found on the Speedlink Mobile Products website.

Android Game News

Best Mobile Games  – Android Game News

One of the largest proportions of mobile games are aimed at the Android Operating System, mainly down to the ease of use, as well as the domination within the mobile phone and tablet industry.

There are a wide variety of games on offer for the Android from arcade classic games to puzzle and strategy games so knowing which of these games are the best for your kids can be very hard indeed. For this reason we have reviewed and listed below some of our all time favourite Android Games aimed at the younger generation, so that you will now have a resource to find out which are the best games for them. If you would like to see the latest news on the Android device we highly recommend you review the Official Android website which offers an up to date review of what is new for this operating system.

The first game we will look at is one of the biggest selling mobile games franchises of all time and is recognized all over the world. The game of course is Sonic the Hedgehog which as you may well know is a platform based games that sees you leading one of the world’s most iconic gaming characters across a host of levels on his way to Dr Robotnik. The aim of the game is for the player to take Sonic across each level whilst avoiding all the dangers and enemies that are located across each level. Sonic must collect as many gold rings as possible in order to complete these levels and also do the levels in as fast a time as possible. The game has very good graphics that are easily incorporated into the mobile gaming devices of today and this makes it such a good buy for anyone who enjoys the game. There are several available downloads on the Official Sonic the Hedgehog website for anyone to access.

The second most popular games from the young peoples category again sees one of the most well known characters in the world today land on a mobile gaming device. The team at Lego have created one of the most entertaining games ever to be released in the form of Harry Potter where gamers must lead their hero against the evil lord Voldermort. The game is littered with many unique challenges that Harry must negotiate in order to complete the levels on his way to his final battle with his arch enemy. The games graphics are simply superb as you would expect from any Lego game development and is highly entertaining from start to finish in every way. The game is easy to control with the buttons being strategically placed for ease of play and we are sure you will absolutely love it. For more mobile games from Lego, please take a look at the Lego Games Resources that are available online.

Another great Android Game that just had to make our list is Elmo’s Monster Maker which sees the multi award winning and iconic Sesame street make its first steps into the mobile gaming world. Youngsters will be able to create a wide variety of monsters with each of them being able to incorporate a huge array of bonus features for each one. The games graphics are again very good indeed and the game is extreme fun from start to finish which is why we have listed it with our favourite games. The final android game we have to mention is Sponge Bob Dinner Dash which is a platform based puzzle game with a twist. Gamers will be required to help Sponge Bob run his unique and exciting diner in order for him to win many various awards along the way. The aim of the game is for you to serve and feed all of the customers who come through your doors and keep them satisfied throughout their stay. The game makes use of very limited graphical capabilities really well and it is highly detailed in every aspect which really does make the game. The games game play is where it excels as it is easy to pick up for all levels of gamer with the controls being set out in the easiest way possible.

The above games are what we feel the large majority of the younger generation will enjoy,  so we hope this Android Game News has been of use to you for when you are deciding which games to purchase next.

Tablet Games

Tablet Games

The Tablet is now on its way to becoming one of the worlds most popular mobile devices and has come a long way in a very short period of time as it offers the user a huge selection of features to take advantage of. Like with any mobile device it was not long until the tablet has seen a huge influx of mobile games arrive at its platform due to established development companies wishing to cash in on this fast growing market.

The consequences of this have seen more mobile tablet games than ever before become available to gamers covering a huge selection of genres so knowing which games are worth their weight in gold can be a tough task to achieve. For this reason our dedicated team here at Free Mobile Applications have chosen to research as many of these games as we possibly could and then provide you below with our top three games.

The first of these Tablet Games that reached number three in our list is Bang Bang Racing from Playbox Games which takes you into the crazy world of miniature car racing. The tablet game allows gamers to choose from a wide selection of cars and then race against either your friends or other online drivers as you attempt to win as many points as possible to top the drivers table. The games graphics are very good and have a lovely natural animated feel to them which is very simplistic in many ways which adds to the believability of the game. Game play again is fantastic and extremely addictive and we found that once we began we simply could not put it down which is always a great sign for any game.

The final game that tops our list as number one is by far one of the most fun and entertaining games we have played for this platform as it offers hours of endless fun and excitement. The game of course is none other than the Paper Pinball HD Tablet Game which reinvents the classic pinball game brilliantly and we found that it took us back to our childhood where we were glued to the screen for hours on end.

The game allows players to play their favourite pinball games of all time as it offers some of the best pinball games ever to hit the open gaming market. The Tablet Games graphics are extremely life like and provide the perfect platform for this wonderful game to take place. In regards of game play is where this game excels above any other as it is one of the most highly addictive games we have ever had the pleasure to review. Each pinball machine offers a different challenge to the player with many bonus rounds and features readily available for you on the way to the highest score possible.

Well there you have it these are the top three tablet games that we here at Free Mobile Applications love and feel are the very best you will ever find for this up and coming and unique gaming platform.

Android Games

Android Games and resources

The Android has now become one of the best mobile gaming platforms around due to its innovative operating systems that allow for much better graphical and game play features. The amount of games for the Android is increasing on a daily basis, with cross platform compatibility now being addressed by a large percentage of Android Games developers.

As you may well know the mobile gaming industry is in a state of boom with many of the worlds leading development companies jumping on the bandwagon and creating games to fill the void. Due to this fact there are now more games available for this platform than ever before with literally thousands of games covering a wide selection of genres now available to happy gamers.

We here at Free Mobile Applications know this and so after careful consideration our team had decided to review as many of the games available for the Android so we would be able to provide you with the most accurate and honest opinions on the games available to you.

Below you will find a list of three of the very best Android Games we have come across for this platform which were the highest scoring from our rating system for game play, graphics, ease of play and overall value.

The first of these Android Games that tops our list for the Android is Raging Thunder 2 Android Game which is an action packed racing game which takes place on the streets of many of Americas top city locations. This high octane and highly enjoyable game features many all new cars and race courses which have been implemented to provide you with one of the most stunning arrays of races available.

Players will need to fight off the competition of other teams and their experienced drivers as they battle it out for the title of being the world’s number one driver. The game and its graphics flow beautifully throughout the game and offer extremely realistic and enjoyable scenes across the game and this is why we rate it above all others for this platform.

Next on our list is a completely riveting and enjoyable platform based game which has stolen the hearts of thousands of gamers worldwide. The Android Game Fruit Ninja is great to play, of which sees players tasked with using their razor sharp sword to slice and dice as many pieces of fruit as possible within a given time frame.

Players will gain the highest score by slicing as many of these pieces of fruit as they can as they will earn points for each fruit as well as many other bonus features. The game has extremely simplistic graphics which do the job perfectly as it is extremely free flowing and provides hours of fun to gamers of all ages. Game play is where this game is absolutely exceptional as it can become one of the most addictive experiences you will ever have so this game just has to go on our list for you to enjoy.

The final of the Android Games to make our short list is we have to say an absolutely incredible game called 3D Bowling which as the name describes is a ten pin bowling game. The game takes a huge amount of skill to be played successfully which takes a long time to master but it is highly enjoyable right from the word go.

Players will be able to play via a blue tooth connection against each other or you can attempt to ledge your highest score against every other player in the world. The graphics are some of the best we have seen for a mobile game as every single detail has been thought of and depicted perfectly which really adds to the overall realism of the game. The controls are very easy to get to grips with as they have been laid out in an extremely simplistic way and it can be played by all level of gamer.

If you would like to check out more Games for the Android Operating System, we highly recommend Google Play, as it is packed with Free and Pay for games.

Kindle Games

Kindle Games News

The Kindle has fast becoming the most popular choice of mobile devices in the world today as it offers all the features required to be the perfect gaming platform for gamers to take advantage of.

Ever since it was first released there have been many kindle games released for this platform from a wide variety of genres but after great research and reviewing we have found that many of the best games for this platform come from one of the worlds leading development companies which of course is EA Sports Games. We have been reviewing as many of the best games on offer for this platform so the team at Free Mobile Applications could give you the most honest and detailed advice on the game that will change your world.

The first of the kindle games we found to be absolutely brilliant for the Kindle is the Battlefield 2 Bad Company Game  which is the first person shooter game that has taken the world by storm ever since its first release. This great game allows players to experience the deadly world of modern warfare as they battle their way through many dangerous and hostile terrains as they attempt to complete a series of missions set out by the game.

Players can experience free falling from 20,000ft as well as flying helicopters and fighter jets around the huge selection of maps within the game. As you would expect from a game created by EA Games the graphics are quite brilliant and highly detailed and this makes the game run so much smoother than ever before due to the screen capabilities of the Kindle. The game play again is some of the best we have ever played and the game itself is very easy to pick up by all level of gamer and is one of the most enjoyable games for this device.

The Second of the Kindle Games on our list takes the World of Professional Street Racing to whole new levels and is of course the latest edition of the extremely popular Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Kindle Game. This all new and extremely exciting racing based game offers the gamer many all new features and also some of the latest street courses to be found on any game of this type. The Kindle Games graphics are awesome to say the least and extremely free flowing from start to finish. Game play is where this game excels as it offers the gamer the chance to participate in one of the most challenging experience of their gaming lives.

After many hours playing this game the team at Free Mobile Applications just could not put it down and we also loved the fact that you can compete against your friends wirelessly by having two Kindles which is a great advantage for the game.

The last of the Kindle Games on our list but by no means least is the Dead Space Kindle Game which takes players on a solar mission to the stars as they attempt to survive an evil presence aboard your space craft. Players will need to hunt down and destroy this entity and its minions before they cause you and your team to make your way to a cold and endless space grave.

The team at Free Mobile Applications have found this game to be extremely good in regards of graphics and were amazed just how good they were at the start of reviewing the game as they are quite superb. This also goes for the game play as we found once that we had started playing the game we could just not put it down until we finished it which I would like to add we still have not done so far. We feel that if you are a fan of Kindle games then you will love these three that we have listed above so we hope you have the chance to enjoy them as much as we have reviewing them.

The Official Website for The Kindle is:

Blackberry Games

Blackberry Games

As you may well have noticed the Blackberry has fast become one of the worlds hottest mobile devices as it offers many all new features which are much sought after by users. Over the years the Blackberry has undergone many changes and all of these have been for the better and one of the most popular and enjoyable changes to have taken place is the addition of a wide variety of gaming options for its users.

There are now more of these games on offer than ever before and for this reason we at Mobile Applications have been reviewing as many of the top games which are available at the Official Blackberry Games App Store so we could give you an honest opinion on which games are the best of the bunch.

The first Blackberry game that we had to put on our list of top three games sees one of the most popular games of all time finally land on the Blackberry which is none other than the extremely popular Hangman Blackberry Game. This great mobile game allows players to participate in one of the most enjoyable puzzle based games of all time that has been around for more years than we care to remember. The game sees players tasked with finding many different hidden words by the process of elimination by choosing a single letter at a time to fit the puzzle. Each successful letter will be placed in the puzzle and will add towards the gamer knowing what the hidden word is. When a player chooses a letter that is not in the given phrase this will then start the process of hanging your character as each unsuccessful letter will add another part of the guillotine and when it is completed your player will hang and it will constitute game over for the player.

The concept of the game is very simplistic but also highly entertaining and great fun and this is why it tops our chart of Blackberry games.

Another great blackberry game we felt deserved to be on our list is the Blackberry Bubble Birds Mobile Game which is another puzzle / platform game which is extremely entertaining throughout. The basic aim of the game is for the gamer to attempt to score as many points as possible by shooting down as many bubble birds as they possibly can within a given time frame. Players will score points for shooting groups of three or more birds which will then eliminate them from the puzzle but you must be quick as the more birds that you miss then the more that will attack you and cause game over. The game has brilliant graphics and game play and is one of the most addictive we have ever played.

Our final game to make our list but by no means least is the classic Forces of War Blackberry Game which sees players thrust into a chaotic world of modern warfare. Gamers will be required to lead their crack team of marine commandos into battle against many rebel forces where they will need to eliminate all of their opposition and free the area from enemy forces. The game is brilliant from start to finish and takes the world of the mobile first person shooter game to whole new levels and it is extremely compelling from start to finish. You will find a wide variety of weaponry available to you as well as the chance to use extensive tactics and land, air and water based heavy artillery.

This blackberry game has absolutely brilliant graphics and game play and is by far the best first person shooter game we have ever experienced for the Blackberry and this is why we regard it so highly.

Iphone Games

Iphone Games – A review of the latest games available on the Apple Iphone:

In recent time mobile gaming has become the must do activity as it offers the user a great source of fun and entertainment which can offer them many hours of exciting activities as play their favourite games wherever they may be. One of the most popular mobile gaming smart phones right now is of course the Apple IPhone as it is by far the most comprehensive and best of all the smart phones that are on the market today.

As this mobile game industry has boomed so well in recent years you will now see that more and more gaming and application developers are now entering the market which is great for the overall choice available to us all. There are now more IPhone games readily available than ever before from the Apple Games Store which can all be purchased, downloaded and installed within a few short minutes. As there are so many of these games on offer we thought it might be very beneficial if we reviewed as many of these said games as possible and then offered you a list of the top three games we have found available to us.

The first of these games is the Cut the Rope Experiments Iphone Game which is a basic platform based game which requires great skill and nerve from the gamer who is playing it. The basics of the game is that players must cut as many ropes as they possibly can which then will allow them to collect as many shiny gold stars possible to achieve the best score they can. The game has very good graphics but where this title stands out the most is with its game play as it is highly addictive and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish and will keep you busy for hours on end.

The second Iphone game on our list is the Galaxy on Fire 2 Iphone Game which takes players on an inter galactic journey across all of the known star systems. Players will be thrust into a dangerous and viscous battle where aliens are attempting to take over the galaxy and the only hope for the freedom of its inhabitants lies with you and your special team pilots and their ultra modern space vehicles. Players will need to use all their weaponry and fighting skills to eliminate all the hostile forces and free the galaxy from the impending terror. Graphically this game is fantastic as the graphics are extremely high detailed and realistic and also the game play within the game is extremely captivating and thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

One of the final Iphone games we just had to put on our list as it is one of the best ever to be released for the IPhone is the Tiny Wings Iphone Game which is basically a skill based platform game where players must race towards the end of the map in the quickest way possible. The aim of this mobile game is for the player to race as fast as they can to the end of the level whilst collecting as many gold artefacts as they possibly can but you will have to be extremely quick as every second you waste the dark night will be catching up to you and if it does this spells the end of your game.

The mobile game graphics are very simplistic but highly enjoyable but where this game excels over the rest is with its game play as this is simply superb and one of the most addictive experiences we have ever had on the IPhone. As you can see all three of these games are brilliant from start to finish and the team at Free Mobile Applications really do hope that you have the chance to enjoy them as much as we have.

Samsung Mobile Games

Samsung Mobile Games – A fresh look at the latest games available.

Samsung has been a leading mobile device company ever since the creation of the industry and during this time you will see that the company has progressed considerably. Now Samsung mobile games are some of the most popular in the world today and with their latest offering the Samsung Smart Phone which has received many great reviews from leading critics the company is once again at the forefront of the industry.

Over the years we have seen many changes made by Samsung and none more so than the quality of mobile games which are now readily available for these devices. There are now so many games to choose from a variety of gaming vendors so we here at Mobile Applications thought it would be a great idea if we reviewed and listed some of our all time favourite Samsung Games for you to enjoy. The first game we came across that really blew our socks off right from the word go was the all new Amazing Spiderman HD mobile game which is the all new edition of the world renowned Marvel comic book game which has become so popular over the years.

This exceptional new mobile game has been touted as possibly the best mobile game of the year and we could not agree more as it is by far one of the best of the series so far. This all new edition requires players to once again hunt down and capture a wide selection of criminals on the way to hunting down the evil kingpin who has control over them. Players will need to negotiate a series of dangers on their way to completing their task which could be anything from leaping over buildings whilst avoiding heat seeking missiles to battling many foes in street combat. The game makes use of an all new game play engine which runs seamlessly from start to finish and is one of the best we have seen. The graphics also benefit from a full 3D view of the city of New York which to put it mildly breathtaking and offer extreme realism throughout the game. For more information on the Samsung Apps, please review the official website resource for Samsung Apps.

Another top samsung mobile game that has made it on to our list is another movie based game which is one of the most successful of all time and is of course the all new Men in Black 3 HD mobile game. This game allows players to guide their heroes across many different landscapes as the hunt down and capture various alien forces who are trying to cause chaos and destruction to our planet. Once again the game play is absolutely brilliant to say the least and extremely addictive and the game is very easy to pick up by any level of gamer. The game also benefits from state of the art graphics which add a great deal of realism to the game overall and make it seem just like you are actually there and this is why we at Mobile Applications rate this game so highly.

The final game on our top three lists is the popular Asphalt 6 – Adrenaline mobile game  which is a game that takes the world of Professional Street racing to whole new levels of fun and enjoyment. Players will be charged with competing against many of the worlds most successful and competent racing drivers as they work their way towards taking the title of the best driver on the planet.

The game developers have put an extreme amount of detail into the graphical concepts of the game as the all new HD features make the game one of the most realistic we have ever seen for a mobile device. This coupled with the extremely innovative and addictive game play is the reason this game features on our list as we feel it is simply superb and deserves to be here without a doubt.

For more information on the full range of the Official Samsung mobile games as well as the mobile apps, please check out the Samsung Mobile Games website area.

Mobile Phone Games

Types of Mobile Phone Games

When it comes to mobile phone games there is more and more being released each and every day from a host of gaming genres. As there are so many of these games becoming available to gamers we thought it might be a great idea if we listed the types of genres of games that are available for mobile devices so that you know what each of them are and have a better understanding before you choose the games for you.

Below you will find a list of many of the types of games that you will find available as well as a brief description of what each of the genres entails.

1. Action Games – Action games are some of the most popular of all the games available on mobile devices and this category can fall into a wide number of games. In general action games are usually based on games such as shoot em ups, fighting games and war based games.

2. Adventure Games – This type of game usually consists of games where you will need to complete various levels which can include puzzle games and reflex games. Gamers will find themselves in these games using all their skills to guide the character through many levels with each of these levels offering a different challenge to them.

3. Card Games – this genre of game has a large number of games on offer as there are a huge amount of card games available to choose from. Some of these great games include poker, blackjack, rummy, solitaire and sudoku as well as many others.

4. Role Play Games – This type of game is mainly based on the gamer stepping into someone else’s shoes and controlling them. You will find that this type of game usually has in-depth storylines and characters and can take a large amount of time to complete but are great fun all round. A prime example of this type of game is the Sims games series.

5. Sports Games – These games are some of the most popular of all mobile games as they can be highly competitive and challenging for the gamer. These games include many sports games such as football, basketball, tennis, golf, boxing and many more.

6. Strategy Games – These games are some of the most in-depth and brain numbing games of all that are available on mobile devices. Players must use their strategic knowledge and skills to negotiate a large number of issues. Many of these games are based on war exercises and battles where players must position their military forces strategically to defeat their opponent. These games are very challenging and can take some time to get used to but once you have they are some of the most fun games out there.

If you would like to read more interesting facts regarding Mobile Phone Games, please browse the following Mobile Apps pages for more information on Mobile Games:

Nokia Mobile Games
IPAD Games
IPOD Games

Nokia Mobile Games

Latest Nokia Mobile Games

Nokia mobile devices have been some of the most popular and successful devices ever to break into the market and continue to rise in popularity each day among gamers. One of the most popular features apart from the obvious phone functions is that there are a huge variety of mobile games available for this platform which is brilliant for the user.

With this in mind we have decided to discuss some of the very best of these games so we can give you a better insight into just how good these games are. The first game that we will mention is a firm favourite of our and is the Midnight Pool 3 Game  which is as you can see a pool based game. The game has incredibly good graphical content which makes playing the game much more enjoyable as each table has a realistic effect that makes it realer than ever before.

The game is also very easy to get to grips with as its controls have been created to ensure that the game can be played with the minimal effort in the way of tutorials. The game also offers you a wide variety of gaming options such as the chance to play British pool, American pool and Billiards. This game is great fun and we are very sure that you will be sure to enjoy it as much as we have.

The second Nokia Mobile Game on our hit list is the classic Angry Birds Mobile Game which sees players charged with using their birds to destroy the evil pigs that live in fortified castles and are causing problems for you birds. The game is very addictive and you will find yourself losing hours on end as you negotiate the various levels within the game. The game itself has basic graphical content but does its job perfectly in the way it is very smooth running and features no lag no matter how many items are moving within the screen.

The controls are also very easy to handle and can be picked up within minutes which is always an advantage for mobile gamers. We found this game to be fantastic and we could immediately see why it is one of the most popular games on the market so we have no problem offering you our recommendation for this game.

One of our favourite nokia mobile games on our list but by no means the least brilliant is the Need For Speed Shift Mobile Game which sees the return of one of the most iconic racing based games ever to hit the gaming world. Players will find themselves in the middle of one of the most captivating and competitive races of all time as they battle it out with other racers for road supremacy. Players will find themselves racing through various city based locations as they attempt to become the world’s number one street racing driver which may sound easy but trust us it is not as clear cut as you may think.

The game offers gamers some of the best graphics we have ever seen in any Nokia based game and really does justice to the spectacular background scenery that has been incorporated into the game. It is also very easy to play with the controls being kept to a basic minimum which eliminates the risk of gamers failing to control the game properly.

The final game we thought we would give a mention to is again a fantastic puzzle based game called Block Breaker 3. This exceptional game uses cutting edge graphics and addictive game play to offer you a great source of block breaking fun. Gamers must use a ball which can be controlled by a moving platform under your control to destroy as many bricks as they can before time runs out. A truly brilliant game and more than worth a try if you like this genre of games.

The official Nokia Mobile games website is: – We also recommend taking a look at Game Reviews a UK based Console and mobile games review website.

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