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The Android has now become one of the best mobile gaming platforms around due to its innovative operating systems that allow for much better graphical and game play features. The amount of games for the Android is increasing on a daily basis, with cross platform compatibility now being addressed by a large percentage of Android Games developers.

As you may well know the mobile gaming industry is in a state of boom with many of the worlds leading development companies jumping on the bandwagon and creating games to fill the void. Due to this fact there are now more games available for this platform than ever before with literally thousands of games covering a wide selection of genres now available to happy gamers.

We here at Free Mobile Applications know this and so after careful consideration our team had decided to review as many of the games available for the Android so we would be able to provide you with the most accurate and honest opinions on the games available to you.

Below you will find a list of three of the very best Android Games we have come across for this platform which were the highest scoring from our rating system for game play, graphics, ease of play and overall value.

The first of these Android Games that tops our list for the Android is Raging Thunder 2 Android Game which is an action packed racing game which takes place on the streets of many of Americas top city locations. This high octane and highly enjoyable game features many all new cars and race courses which have been implemented to provide you with one of the most stunning arrays of races available.

Players will need to fight off the competition of other teams and their experienced drivers as they battle it out for the title of being the world’s number one driver. The game and its graphics flow beautifully throughout the game and offer extremely realistic and enjoyable scenes across the game and this is why we rate it above all others for this platform.

Next on our list is a completely riveting and enjoyable platform based game which has stolen the hearts of thousands of gamers worldwide. The Android Game Fruit Ninja is great to play, of which sees players tasked with using their razor sharp sword to slice and dice as many pieces of fruit as possible within a given time frame.

Players will gain the highest score by slicing as many of these pieces of fruit as they can as they will earn points for each fruit as well as many other bonus features. The game has extremely simplistic graphics which do the job perfectly as it is extremely free flowing and provides hours of fun to gamers of all ages. Game play is where this game is absolutely exceptional as it can become one of the most addictive experiences you will ever have so this game just has to go on our list for you to enjoy.

The final of the Android Games to make our short list is we have to say an absolutely incredible game called 3D Bowling which as the name describes is a ten pin bowling game. The game takes a huge amount of skill to be played successfully which takes a long time to master but it is highly enjoyable right from the word go.

Players will be able to play via a blue tooth connection against each other or you can attempt to ledge your highest score against every other player in the world. The graphics are some of the best we have seen for a mobile game as every single detail has been thought of and depicted perfectly which really adds to the overall realism of the game. The controls are very easy to get to grips with as they have been laid out in an extremely simplistic way and it can be played by all level of gamer.

If you would like to check out more Games for the Android Operating System, we highly recommend Google Play, as it is packed with Free and Pay for games.

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