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Mobile App Trends for 2017 – 2020  – As Mobile Technology develops faster than we had ever anticipated, so has the software and mobile apps that are needed for the end user. Mobile casino houses have embraced this new technology, and most of the reputable ones, have created responsive mobile websites and mobile apps. Typical users now look for handy applications that can enhance both the user experience and time management of every day events and chores. If you are one of the 1% of the worlds population that doesn’t have a mobile phone or device, we urge you to invest now.


How to locate a reputable Mobile Casino Application

The ingredient to ensure you have when it comes to locating a reputable mobile casino app, is common sense and checking for a qualified licence. In terms of common sense, we recommend using a “Well Known Brand Name” as this often eradicates the risk of signing up to a rogue casino online. In terms of the licence details, these are usually found in the lower areas of websites and mobile responsive websites eg: Licenced In Alderney – Licence No….etc

Another recommendation we advise potential players to look for in an online casino, is Customer Service, this would apply for all types of devices, mobile, desktop and tablet. Live Support is another quality measure we would recommend looking for, along with email and telephone support. These elements add Authenticity to the Mobile Casino App and casino website as a whole. Ideally the Casino should host a wide selection of games, that are available ideally as a Free Play option, this allows you to at least test the games, before adding any form of stake. Allowing users to play the mobile games for free is a fantastic way of “Showcasing” new games as well as old classic games, especially to a new audience. Why not take a look at our Mobile Games section here.

Mobile Access has advanced considerably over the past 2 years, with faster access speeds for downloads and game play, this has allowed the gaming sector to advance at a much faster pace than previously anticipated. This along with faster devices and bigger screens are the main reason why Casino’s have had to develop there software inline with Consumer demand.

As with all mobile applications and devices, we do strongly recommend you only access games that involve money, to be accessed on a secure WIFI Channel, such as your home or friends Internet Hub. Using Public Access points can cause fraudulent behaviour from third parties, and thus create nightmare situations with your personal finance and credit card details.  This issue has been there with normal Internet Access, and is set to be one of the main Safety Elements to consider and monitor for mobile users and tablet users.

Looking for regular security updates on your mobile device is highly recommended, such as OS Updating as an example for Apple Iphone Users – See more details on Iphone Security Updates.

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