Kindle Touch

The All New Kindle Touch

Mobile devices have become a huge part of the way we function everyday and are now some of the most sought after electrical items on the market today. There are now many new innovations that have broken into this highly competitive industry each day so knowing which of these the best are and what they offer can be a great advantage to anyone looking to purchase one.

With this in mind we thought we would look at one of the most highly anticipated must have items of the year which of course is the Kindle Touch. The all new kindle has many great new features that will allow the user to perform a multitude of additional tasks that were never before possible on previous tablet models. The first thing you will notice about the kindle touch is that it has the same screen size as the previous models which measure in at six inches but although this is the case you will still find that this new edition is slightly bigger than its predecessor. It is also slightly heavier than the previous model but not by much and also incorporates a built in micro USB port as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack. The touch screen has been greatly improved and now offers the user a much clearer and accurate performance which will be greatly appreciated we are sure. When it comes to usability you will find this new edition is far superior to the previous version in ways of speed and reliability.

The screen offers a much higher contrast which will provide people who do not have the best eyesight in the world to enjoy reading from the device without the need to constant straining. The way the tablets menu is structured has also become much more complex which user will not like to hear and can take some time to get to grips with if you are used to using other devices. The speak to touch facility has been kept virtually the same where it will read many e-books to you but the device has decided to keep the rather annoying robotic voice that reads them which could have been improved if we are honest. The battery life of this device has also been greatly improved and now offers you around two months of life which is a great improvement on its predecessor. The device also has a much improved memory capacity which has been boosted to 3GB of storage which is enough for any user to hold around three thousand e-books. The kindle touch also recharges much faster than before with an average charge time of around four and a half hours from empty.

The devices connectivity has again been improved and you will now find it easier than ever to connect to a wireless or 3G network without any need for extensive setting manipulation. As you can see there are many new features and benefits of purchasing the new kindle touch as it offers the user so much more than ever before. You can pick one of the devices up in its basic for from a wide variety of resellers and it will set you back around £109.00 if you are based in the United Kingdom.

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