Tablet Games

Tablet Games

The Tablet is now on its way to becoming one of the worlds most popular mobile devices and has come a long way in a very short period of time as it offers the user a huge selection of features to take advantage of. Like with any mobile device it was not long until the tablet has seen a huge influx of mobile games arrive at its platform due to established development companies wishing to cash in on this fast growing market.

The consequences of this have seen more mobile tablet games than ever before become available to gamers covering a huge selection of genres so knowing which games are worth their weight in gold can be a tough task to achieve. For this reason our dedicated team here at Free Mobile Applications have chosen to research as many of these games as we possibly could and then provide you below with our top three games.

The first of these Tablet Games that reached number three in our list is Bang Bang Racing from Playbox Games which takes you into the crazy world of miniature car racing. The tablet game allows gamers to choose from a wide selection of cars and then race against either your friends or other online drivers as you attempt to win as many points as possible to top the drivers table. The games graphics are very good and have a lovely natural animated feel to them which is very simplistic in many ways which adds to the believability of the game. Game play again is fantastic and extremely addictive and we found that once we began we simply could not put it down which is always a great sign for any game.

The final game that tops our list as number one is by far one of the most fun and entertaining games we have played for this platform as it offers hours of endless fun and excitement. The game of course is none other than the Paper Pinball HD Tablet Game which reinvents the classic pinball game brilliantly and we found that it took us back to our childhood where we were glued to the screen for hours on end.

The game allows players to play their favourite pinball games of all time as it offers some of the best pinball games ever to hit the open gaming market. The Tablet Games graphics are extremely life like and provide the perfect platform for this wonderful game to take place. In regards of game play is where this game excels above any other as it is one of the most highly addictive games we have ever had the pleasure to review. Each pinball machine offers a different challenge to the player with many bonus rounds and features readily available for you on the way to the highest score possible.

Well there you have it these are the top three tablet games that we here at Free Mobile Applications love and feel are the very best you will ever find for this up and coming and unique gaming platform.

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