Reviewing Mobile Games in August 2020

Mobile devices that can be used for gaming are all the rage right now and have created a whole new industry for development companies to break into. One of the latest of these devices is the all new Windows Mobile Phone which offers the user the highly recognized and extremely successful windows platform to play their games on. If you shop around for games for this device in the UK then you will see that there are literally hundreds of these games to choose from so in this article we will discuss all of the top titles that are available to you.

Reviewing Mobile Games on Windows based Operating systems.

The first game on our game reviews hit list is the Final Fantasy Game which sees the return of one of the most iconic futuristic fantasy games ever created in the world of gaming. Final Fantasy allows you to choose five unique characters and then lead them into the Kingdom of Coneria where you must help them free the mystical princess from her evil captures. The game offers one of the most entertaining experiences we have had and really does have the effect of keeping you glued to the screen for hours on end. The game also makes use of its sophisticated graphical engine which allows the game to flow extremely smoothly and makes it visually stunning throughout.

The game is also very easy to get to grips with as the controls are set out in such a way that you will have no problems fully understanding the controls within no time at all. The game is truly remarkable and will be sure to have you coming back for more without any shadow of a doubt.

We highly recommend Google Play for some really useful Mobile Game Apps, our Favourite section is the Android Apps page the Official Website address is:

For more Game resources we recommend Nintendo Games – The Official Website is:

The second mobile game for the Windows mobile we thought you would definitely enjoy is Battleship which is a naval game based on the original and extremely classic Battleships game we have been playing for decades. The game allows players to position their ships in the naval battle area and both the user and the opponent must attempt to sink their opponent’s whole fleet before they do the same to you. The game is very basic graphically but you do not need much more than is on offer as the game flows brilliantly and is by far the best edition of the game we have ever seen.

The game is simple to controls and only takes a matter of minutes before you are playing it like a professional. All round this game is simply fantastic and you will have no trouble keeping you and your friends occupied for many hours indeed.

The Official Website for Playstation is:

The final game we just had to mention as it has had many great reviews from gamers everywhere is of course the Cracking Sands. This new game offers gamers the chance to race state of the art sand buggies around many high end and extremely difficult sand based courses where they must beat all of their opponents across the finish line.

The game has some of the most testing and challenging courses of any game we have reviewed from this genre and are highly entertaining throughout and is very addictive. The game offers many tutorial modes for you to get used to it as well as many different types of race such as practice, time trial and of course tournament. The games graphics are also very good indeed and really remarkable considering it is available on a mobile device. We cannot recommend this game enough to all you racers out there as we are one hundred percent sure you will absolutely love the game from start to finish.

The wildcard of our mobile game recommendations for August 2020 is the classic Space Invaders retro themed game.  This along with others of older games from before the year 2000 are starting to make a come back.  We believe this is due to the simple game play and ease of use factors, a game that all ages can play with ease.

These are the top games of this month for the Windows Mobile so we hope you get the chance to enjoy them as much as we have and stay tuned for even more next month.

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