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One of the largest proportions of mobile games are aimed at the Android Operating System, mainly down to the ease of use, as well as the domination within the mobile phone and tablet industry.

There are a wide variety of games on offer for the Android from arcade classic games to puzzle and strategy games so knowing which of these games are the best for your kids can be very hard indeed. For this reason we have reviewed and listed below some of our all time favourite Android Games aimed at the younger generation, so that you will now have a resource to find out which are the best games for them. If you would like to see the latest news on the Android device we highly recommend you review the Official Android website which offers an up to date review of what is new for this operating system.

The first game we will look at is one of the biggest selling mobile games franchises of all time and is recognized all over the world. The game of course is Sonic the Hedgehog which as you may well know is a platform based games that sees you leading one of the world’s most iconic gaming characters across a host of levels on his way to Dr Robotnik. The aim of the game is for the player to take Sonic across each level whilst avoiding all the dangers and enemies that are located across each level. Sonic must collect as many gold rings as possible in order to complete these levels and also do the levels in as fast a time as possible. The game has very good graphics that are easily incorporated into the mobile gaming devices of today and this makes it such a good buy for anyone who enjoys the game. There are several available downloads on the Official Sonic the Hedgehog website for anyone to access.

The second most popular games from the young peoples category again sees one of the most well known characters in the world today land on a mobile gaming device. The team at Lego have created one of the most entertaining games ever to be released in the form of Harry Potter where gamers must lead their hero against the evil lord Voldermort. The game is littered with many unique challenges that Harry must negotiate in order to complete the levels on his way to his final battle with his arch enemy. The games graphics are simply superb as you would expect from any Lego game development and is highly entertaining from start to finish in every way. The game is easy to control with the buttons being strategically placed for ease of play and we are sure you will absolutely love it. For more mobile games from Lego, please take a look at the Lego Games Resources that are available online.

Another great Android Game that just had to make our list is Elmo’s Monster Maker which sees the multi award winning and iconic Sesame street make its first steps into the mobile gaming world. Youngsters will be able to create a wide variety of monsters with each of them being able to incorporate a huge array of bonus features for each one. The games graphics are again very good indeed and the game is extreme fun from start to finish which is why we have listed it with our favourite games. The final android game we have to mention is Sponge Bob Dinner Dash which is a platform based puzzle game with a twist. Gamers will be required to help Sponge Bob run his unique and exciting diner in order for him to win many various awards along the way. The aim of the game is for you to serve and feed all of the customers who come through your doors and keep them satisfied throughout their stay. The game makes use of very limited graphical capabilities really well and it is highly detailed in every aspect which really does make the game. The games game play is where it excels as it is easy to pick up for all levels of gamer with the controls being set out in the easiest way possible.

The above games are what we feel the large majority of the younger generation will enjoy,  so we hope this Android Game News has been of use to you for when you are deciding which games to purchase next.

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