Helpful Mobile Apps

We are adding some Helpful Mobile Apps for our readers to enjoy.

Our Top 10 Applications for Mobile Phones and other handheld devices are as follows:

1. Google Earth

2. Facebook

3. Hullomail

4. Yelp Mobile

5. British Airways Mobile

6. UK Train Times

7. Google Goggles

8. Spotify Mobile

9. Local Mobile Radio

10. Rugby Mobile

Other Helpful AppsĀ in the World of Mobile Application development

The process for the development of mobile applications is where software developers create software that will be suited to running various types of application on a handheld or mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet such as the Ipad. Many of this type of application are already installed when the phone or device is manufactured at the factory but there are many additional applications which can be purchased from various online outlets.

The most common software used for mobile device applications is the universal Java Script software which incorporates the freedom to enjoy services such as web browsing or playing mobile games. As technology gets better each day so does the capabilities of the different applications that are available and there are now many services available that were never before. Each mobile device has a different operating system of software which allows these services to be incorporated into the device or to be downloaded by the user and then will work in conjunction with the operating system.

This can be seen better as if we look at the different devices such as Android using their own OS as do Apple, Blackberry, HP, Samsung and of course the Windows mobile. When the developers create these applications they of course must be tested extensively for compatibility with the various types of operating system on the market. Developers will always use some type of emulator to test these applications for the first stage and once they are happy with the performance of the software they will then move on to field testing.

The reason behind the developers first using some kind of emulator to test these applications is down to the cost as this procedure can be provided at a much lower cost than attempting to field test immediately and finding that something is not compatible.

There are six main emulators that are used by software development companies which are the Google Android Emulator, Official Android Emulator, MobiOne Emulator, TestiPhone Emulator, iPhoney and finally the Blackberry Simulator.

There are additional tools that can be used to evaluate the compatibility of mobile applications which are FoneMonkey, Robotium, Sikuli, Deviceanywhere, Mite and finally Monkey Runner. Once these applications pass the extensive tests that are carried out on them they are then offered to the various distributors online for resale. Once the online provider accepts these applications they will then be available from any of the numerous online stores where users can simply download them to their phone and use them whenever they wish. There are many places online to purchase mobile applications with the most popular being the iTunes store, Blackberry store or the HTC Android store. Also check ouot our Music Application publishing tool.

Mobile applications can also be purchased by using your actual mobile device such as the iPhone where you can view all available applications via the App store and for the Blackberry you will also find the Blackberry World application where again all of the applications are readily available. Many of these applications are provided free to try for a certain period offering limited functions and so on and if the consumer feels they will get good value from the product then they can purchase the full version.

There are more and more mobile applications becoming available each day with the market for them becoming one of the most prolific and expanding in the world today.