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Mobile App Trends

Mobile App Trends for 2017  – As Mobile Technology develops faster than we had ever anticipated, so has the software and mobile apps that are needed for the end user. Mobile casino houses have embraced this new technology, and most of the reputable ones, have created responsive mobile websites and mobile apps. Typical users now look for handy applications that can enhance both the user experience and time management of every day events and chores. If you are one of the 1% of the worlds population that doesn’t have a mobile phone or device, we urge you to invest now.


How to locate a reputable Mobile Casino Application

The ingredient to ensure you have when it comes to locating a reputable mobile casino app, is common sense and checking for a qualified licence. In terms of common sense, we recommend using a “Well Known Brand Name” as this often eradicates the risk of signing up to a rogue casino online. In terms of the licence details, these are usually found in the lower areas of websites and mobile responsive websites eg: Licenced In Alderney – Licence No….etc etc.

Another recommendation we advise potential players to look for in an online casino, is Customer Service, this would apply for all types of devices, mobile, desktop and tablet. Live Support is another quality measure we would recommend looking for, along with email and telephone support. These elements add Authenticity to the Mobile Casino App and casino website as a whole. Ideally the Casino should host a wide selection of games, that are available ideally as a Free Play option, this allows you to at least test the games, before adding any form of stake. Allowing users to play the mobile games for free is a fantastic way of “Showcasing” new games as well as old classic games, especially to a new audience.

Mobile Access has advanced considerably over the past 2 years, with faster access speeds for downloads and game play, this has allowed the gaming sector to advance at a much faster pace than previously anticipated. This along with faster devices and bigger screens are the main reason why Casino’s have had to develop there software inline with Consumer demand.

As with all mobile applications and devices, we do strongly recommend you only access games that involve money, to be accessed on a secure WIFI Channel, such as your home or friends Internet Hub. Using Public Access points can cause fraudulent behaviour from third parties, and thus create nightmare situations with your personal finance and credit card details.  This issue has been there with normal Internet Access, and is set to be one of the main Safety Elements to consider and monitor for mobile users and tablet users.

Looking for regular security updates on your mobile device is highly recommended, such as OS Updating as an example for Apple Iphone Users – See more details on Iphone Security Updates.

Science Apps

Science Apps

Science is one of the most popular and interesting subjects for the average person to learn about as there are so many issues concerned with science that interest the majority of people around the world. Now that we are now able to access a wealth of scientific knowledge via the internet we knew it would not take long before we saw a huge influx of scientific mobile device applications land within the market.

Now there are a huge number of science apps available to the user from a host of authoritative sources all over the world and this is why we have chosen to review as many of these as possible so we at Free Mobile Applications could give you the very best advice on which are the best science apps on offer to you. The first of these apps that we found to be phenomenal is the Nasa Mobile App which offers the user the ability to learn about many different types of science such as astronomy and physics. The app also allows the user to access a wide variety of educational science videos from the Nasa website as well as thousands upon thousands of scientific images from all over the solar system. You will also find you are able to keep up to date with all the latest news and happenings around the science world as the app receives a huge amount of real time updates and articles.

You can also activate the app to run concurrently with many different social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace for those of you who like to share your data with your friends and family. The Science App is very simple to use and is laid out in an easy to access manner and overall it looks and works brilliantly and this is why it tops out list of science apps.

The next Science App we thought to be very good indeed was the Molecules Science App which takes the user into the complex world of chemistry. The app provides all the basic information on all the elements and molecules that surround us in the every day world and offers to those who want it a completely detailed breakdown of where to find and the purpose of such molecules. You will also be able to view three dimensional images of all the known molecules on our planet so you can view exactly how they are made up and how there structure looks under a high spec microscope.

The Science App is very easy to use and benefits from an extremely simplistic console making it useable to all levels of user of various ages. This has to be without a doubt the very best chemistry based learning application we have seen and we rate it so highly we just had to short list it for you to learn about.

The final Mobile Science App we will talk about but by no means is least as it is completely revolutionary the Wolfram Alpha Science App. This great app provides the user with a wealth of knowledge and features regarding the art of science and is extremely useful for those studying this complex and very difficult subject. This mobile app allows you to access one of the world’s largest scientific databases where you will find more information than you will know what to do with on this subject. There are many new learning techniques offered also to enable you to pick up the data much more clearly and quicker than ever before.

This Mobile Science App is laid out so it can be used by all levels and ages of user and runs really smoothly throughout. We found all these above applications to be phenomenal to say the least and this is why we just had to put them on our list for you to enjoy. We hope you find them informative and beneficial to your everyday studies.

Samsung Mobile Apps

Samsung Mobile Apps

For the past two decades Samsung have been supplying us with some of the most advanced and state of the art mobile devices the industry has seen and due to this the company has evolved to one of the biggest in the world today. Now with their new Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone Range making a huge success within the market the amount of new Mobile Applications that have now been released for this platform is staggering.

You can now get as many apps for this platform as any other in the country and this is why our team have chosen to see if we can find some of the best Samsung Mobile Apps for this device for you. We have been reviewing these mobile applications for some time now and have finally short listed our favourite three mobile applications for the Samsung platform.

The first of these wonderful applications is goes to a game application called Final Strike 3 and is a three dimensional helicopter simulator game which is by far one of the best we have ever seen on any smart phone so far. The game offers some of the most breathtaking scenes that are visually stunning throughout and make the game as realistic as you could wish for. The game allows you to compete in up to fifteen campaigns across many landscapes and make use of many armoured pieces of machinery. In game you will face over thirty different types of enemy threats which come thick and fast throughout and it really does provide hours of fun for any type of gamer.

The next of the Samsung Mobile Apps that we thought to be very useful is the CNN Mobile App which provides to its users the most up to date and current local and international news from around the world. This great app enables users to access all the latest news covering many different subjects in not only their own country but abroad so if you are a fan of sport or you would like to know what the weather is like in Spain you will find it all available on this great and easy to use app. The CNN Mobile App is very well made and offers one of the most simplistic and easy to use consoles we have seen on an app so it is now easier than ever to get to where you want to be.

We have found that the news that is published via this app is always extremely accurate and ahead of time over many large news companies. We give this mobile app a perfect 10/10 rating for being so good and would recommend to you all.

Our final Samsung Mobile App is the Photo Editor App which is a fantastic mobile app that allows the user to edit many of their favourite images with ease from their Samsung phone. Users will be able to take photos using their phones built in camera and then edit them using a huge array of visual effects such as staggering, arc shadows and many more making your photos truly unique. The app then allows you to upload these photos to many different social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

The app is laid out in a very simplistic manner where everything you could need is right at your finger tips and can be accessed by easily by all levels of user. As well as this the app runs very quickly and extremely smooth from start to finish with no glitches or faults to be found so far. Well these above are some of our favourite Samsung mobile apps and we are glad we were able to bring you information on them so that you can get more for your time and money in this fast moving market.

For more details on the Samsung Mobile Apps, please visit the Official Samsung Mobile App Page.

Ipod Apps

Ipod Apps of 2012

The Ipod is fast becoming the device of choice for many people as it not only offers the musical capabilities which everyone want but now it also offers many other features which are seen as a great advantage for this device. With the ever popular mobile device industry receiving a huge amount of growth in recent years it was almost inevitable that it was just a matter of time until the app market made its way onto the Ipod.

The first app that we found to be completely revolutionary as it offers something completely unique and original is the iMovie Ipod App.  This great Ipod App allows users to film and record many different types of movies from wherever you wish with the built in camera of the Ipod Touch. Users will be able to pick from a wide variety of camera themes where they can set background and scenery which is great for those family occasions such as your child’s birthday parties or christenings. It will then be possible for the user to edit and modify these videos however they wish using the apps great editing panel.

Another great Ipod App we found for this platform is the Garage Band Ipod App which is basically an app which allows you to create and edit music from your Ipod. The app allows users to use a multitude of musical instruments to create as many tracks as you wish using the software’s built in sequencer. You will be bale to create, arrange and then master as many tracks as you wish as well as using a host of audio effects to make your music more unique than ever before.

The next Ipod app on our list is the iBook Ipod App which allows users to download and view a huge selection of ebooks and audio books from the Apple store and then use them wherever they wish using their Ipod. There are a huge selection of books available for this app from thrillers to comedies to children’s novels the list is just endless. After reviewing this app for some time we found it to be one of the easiest to use we have ever found and are extremely smooth running and easy to get to grips with and this is why it makes our list.

The final Ipod App on our list but by no means least is the all new and highly useful Ipod Numbers App which offers some of the most beneficial tools the on the move businessman could wish for. This Ipod app allows its users to create and edit a huge selection of spreadsheets and charts right from their Ipod which is extremely useful for those involved in this type of work. The app is very easy to get to grips with and set out perfectly for all the functions to be used quickly and easily so even the novice will find it extremely easy to use.

As we here at Free Mobile Applications wish to only provide you with the best information on these devices and their functions we have been reviewing the official Apple Ipod App Store to find which are the most revolutionary and useful applications on offer for all variations of the Ipod. We have now created a list of four of the very best mobile applications we found during our reviewing process so you would have an honest and accurate report on what’s hot with users of these applications.

There are of course many other Ipod Apps on offer for the same items but the team at Free Mobile Applications feel these we have stated above are by far the best on offer so we hope you have the time to enjoy them like we have.

Kindle Apps

Kindle Apps News for 2012

The Kindle is now one of the fastest growing mobile device vehicles which is now being purchased by more people than ever before as it takes over the market for these devices. Many people find the Kindle to be extremely easy to use and that it offers some of the best features as well as excellent screen quality you will find on a device of this type. Ever since the Kindle has been released there has been a huge influx of Kindle Apps for this device covering a wide range of uses from basic book reading to games and cooking apps.

For this reason the team at Free  Mobile Applications decided that it would be highly beneficial for us to do a complete review of as many of these apps as we possibly could so that we could offer the best advice on what apps are leading the way in the market. Below you will find that we have detailed four of the very best apps for this platform so we hope that you find our reviews helpful and interesting.

The first of the Kindle Apps we found to be truly remarkable is the all new Pulse News Kindle App which is basically a revolutionary new app which allows users to view and access all of the worlds most up to date news and happenings from your device. The apps gives you the chance to read up on a wide variety of topical subjects such as the latest finance news, sports news and much more so you will always be in the know wherever you are. The app is extremely easy to use and can be picked up within a matter of minutes as all the features are located in an easy accessible manner and can be accessed at the touch of a button.

The next app on our top four list is the Rdio Mobile App which allows users to play and access a huge variety of music and radio stations at the touch of a button. This great mobile app allows users to immediately access over ten million songs from the apps database wherever they are and use as many as they wish for a small monthly subscription. The app again is very simple to use and is put together brilliantly to make it simple for even the novice user so it can be used by anyone and this is why we love it.

The final Kindle App on our list today but by no means least is the Netflix Mobile App which opens the doors to over fifteen thousand hit movies and television series to its users. The user will be able to easily download and install the application and then they will need to sign up to the extremely good value monthly subscription to the service. Once this has been done the user will find one of the largest collections of TV programmes and movies to be found anywhere. This mobile application allows you to search for different genres or film titles and is very easy to use even for the complete novice. The films and shows stream effortlessly throughout and there is virtually no buffering issues which have plagued these apps in the past. We feel this app is great value for money to say the least and for the small fee you pay you could save hundreds of pounds each year by avoiding buying costly DVD releases as they are generally released onto Netflix at the same time as they are released to the open market.

Other great Mobile Apps for 2012 are:

Another of the great Kindle Apps that caught our eye straight away is the all new Quick Office Pro mobile App  that offers the user the chance to make use of one of the most comprehensive office packages ever made available on a mobile device. Users will be able to access features such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint for a multitude of everyday purposes so you will never be left short again whilst you are on the move. This app is very good to say the least and is extremely useful for those who can make use of its features.

Latest Mobile Apps

Latest Mobile Apps – Top Twenty Best Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have become big business and each day more and more of these highly innovative creations become available to you from a host of sources. These mobile apps have become so popular that many of them play an active part in a wide number of aspects of our daily lives.

Whether you need a recipe or directions to an address there seems to be an app for everything these days and with that much choice it can become slightly bamboozling for us when it comes time for us to choose the right app for the job. Over the last few months we have been reviewing the top apps for as many uses as we possibly could so we could provide you with a detailed list of what we feel are the top and latest mobile apps available for mobile devices.

After some long hard work we have concluded to list the top twenty apps that we are sure will provide you with the perfect tool you need to do the job.

1.   Grooveshark  –  Music App
2.   Atomic Browser  –  Webpage Browser
3.   Doodle Jump Game  –  Mobile Game
4.   iStock Manager App  –  Financial Tool
5.   Google Mobile Maps  –  Maps
6.   WeatherBug Android App –  Weather Forecasts
7.   ConvertMe App –  Measurement Tool
8.   IncrediBooth  –  Photo Editing
9.   Dropbox Iphone App   –   Syncing Tool
10. BBM App   –  Blackberry Messenger
11. Sky Go   –  TV Streaming
12. Bitbop   –  TV Streaming
13. Mobile Checkbook –  Financial Organizer
14. Twitter Mobile App   –  Social Networking Tool
15. iTunes Iphone App  –  Music And Video App
16. Facebook Mobile App   –  Social Networking Tool
17. Crunch SMS Mobile App  –  SMS Tool
18. Instagram Android App   –  Photo Editing
19. TeleNav Mobile App   –  Mapping Tool
20. Pandora Mobile App   –  Music App

As you can see we have chosen some great apps to make use of for a wide variety of uses and we could have had so many more as the choices were endless. If you are into social networking you will be sure to certainly need the Facebook Mobile App and the Twitter Mobile App as these allow you to access your profiles and make status updates and tweets from whatever you location. You will also find the Bitbop Mobile App extremely useful also as this allows you to watch all your favourite terrestrial television channels wherever you are.

If  TV is your thing you will definitely want the Sky Go app as this allows you access the content of your sky TV package on your mobile device which can be very handy if you are out and about a lot. We hope you get to use these great apps and keep your eyes peeled for more latest innovations from our reviews team.

Ipad Apps

We are compiling some of the World Best Ipad Apps for your Mobile phone.

1. Make your own App

2. Google Apps For Business

The Ipad is home to many of the most popular mobile applications that are available on the market today. You will find an extensive array of these applications available for services such as Facebook and the BBC which will ensure you are kept up to date wherever you are.

3. Google Apps News

4. Yahoo Apps

5. Nasa Mobile Apps

6. The White House Mobile Apps

Each day hundreds more applications are released for the Ipad and you can find more details of this on the official Apple website or via the App Store on your Ipad.

Iphone Apps

We are compiling some of the World Best Iphone Apps for your Mobile phone.

1. World News App

2. Apple Games App

3. Sports And Fitness App

4. Music App

5. Education App

There are many applications being created for the Iphone each day for a wide variety of uses from weather forecasts to video based mobile games. These applications allow users to enjoy various free and paid services which can be extremely useful for their everyday lives. These types of applications in general use various software platforms with the most popular being created with Java Script.

6. Conduit Mobile App

7. Lifestyle App

8. Entertainment App

9. Built In Iphone App

10. Video Recording App

11. Make your own App

12. Google Apps For Business

13. Google Apps News

14. Yahoo Apps

15. Nasa Mobile Apps

16. The White House Mobile Apps

17. CNBC Business News App

You will find a full list of these available applications on the official Apple website or through the App Store on your mobile phone. The Official Apple Store website for Apps for your mobile is: Apple App Store

Blackberry Apps

We are compiling some of the World Best Blackberry Apps for your Mobile phone.

The main Official Page for Blackberry Apps

1. World Clock App

2. Instaphoto App

3. BlackBerry Messenger App

4. Make your own App

5. The White House Mobile Apps

Blackberry is one of the most successful smart phone providers in the world and in addition to their excellent phones they provide you with some of the best mobile applications available. You will find a wide variety of applications available such as the Google news app or the ITV player app as well as many more.

6. Google Apps News

7. Yahoo Apps

8. Nasa Mobile Apps

You will be able to access these applications by visiting the official Blackberry website or by using your Blackberry World service which is available through your Blackberry smart phone.

9. Google Apps For Business

Android Apps

We are compiling some of the World Best Android Apps for your Mobile phone.

1. Facebook for Android App

2. The Sims Game App

The Android is one of the best smart phones in the world today and has seen great success since its first release date. These excellent smart phones also play host to many of the most interesting applications available and have a catalogue which stretches from mobile sports applications to more run of the mill thermometer applications.

3. Fox Weather App

4. Nintendo 64 Emulator App

5. Google Apps News

6. The White House Mobile Apps

You will be sure to find something that takes your fancy by visiting the official Android website or browsing the App Store on your mobile device.

7. Yahoo Apps

8. Nasa Mobile Apps

The direct website for Google Play Apps.

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