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Kindle Apps News for 2012

The Kindle is now one of the fastest growing mobile device vehicles which is now being purchased by more people than ever before as it takes over the market for these devices. Many people find the Kindle to be extremely easy to use and that it offers some of the best features as well as excellent screen quality you will find on a device of this type. Ever since the Kindle has been released there has been a huge influx of Kindle Apps for this device covering a wide range of uses from basic book reading to games and cooking apps.

For this reason the team at Free  Mobile Applications decided that it would be highly beneficial for us to do a complete review of as many of these apps as we possibly could so that we could offer the best advice on what apps are leading the way in the market. Below you will find that we have detailed four of the very best apps for this platform so we hope that you find our reviews helpful and interesting.

The first of the Kindle Apps we found to be truly remarkable is the all new Pulse News Kindle App which is basically a revolutionary new app which allows users to view and access all of the worlds most up to date news and happenings from your device. The apps gives you the chance to read up on a wide variety of topical subjects such as the latest finance news, sports news and much more so you will always be in the know wherever you are. The app is extremely easy to use and can be picked up within a matter of minutes as all the features are located in an easy accessible manner and can be accessed at the touch of a button.

The next app on our top four list is the Rdio Mobile App which allows users to play and access a huge variety of music and radio stations at the touch of a button. This great mobile app allows users to immediately access over ten million songs from the apps database wherever they are and use as many as they wish for a small monthly subscription. The app again is very simple to use and is put together brilliantly to make it simple for even the novice user so it can be used by anyone and this is why we love it.

The final Kindle App on our list today but by no means least is the Netflix Mobile App which opens the doors to over fifteen thousand hit movies and television series to its users. The user will be able to easily download and install the application and then they will need to sign up to the extremely good value monthly subscription to the service. Once this has been done the user will find one of the largest collections of TV programmes and movies to be found anywhere. This mobile application allows you to search for different genres or film titles and is very easy to use even for the complete novice. The films and shows stream effortlessly throughout and there is virtually no buffering issues which have plagued these apps in the past. We feel this app is great value for money to say the least and for the small fee you pay you could save hundreds of pounds each year by avoiding buying costly DVD releases as they are generally released onto Netflix at the same time as they are released to the open market.

Other great Mobile Apps for 2012 are:

Another of the great Kindle Apps that caught our eye straight away is the all new Quick Office Pro mobile App  that offers the user the chance to make use of one of the most comprehensive office packages ever made available on a mobile device. Users will be able to access features such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint for a multitude of everyday purposes so you will never be left short again whilst you are on the move. This app is very good to say the least and is extremely useful for those who can make use of its features.

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