Blackberry Games

Blackberry Games

As you may well have noticed the Blackberry has fast become one of the worlds hottest mobile devices as it offers many all new features which are much sought after by users. Over the years the Blackberry has undergone many changes and all of these have been for the better and one of the most popular and enjoyable changes to have taken place is the addition of a wide variety of gaming options for its users.

There are now more of these games on offer than ever before and for this reason we at Mobile Applications have been reviewing as many of the top games which are available at the Official Blackberry Games App Store so we could give you an honest opinion on which games are the best of the bunch.

The first Blackberry game that we had to put on our list of top three games sees one of the most popular games of all time finally land on the Blackberry which is none other than the extremely popular Hangman Blackberry Game. This great mobile game allows players to participate in one of the most enjoyable puzzle based games of all time that has been around for more years than we care to remember. The game sees players tasked with finding many different hidden words by the process of elimination by choosing a single letter at a time to fit the puzzle. Each successful letter will be placed in the puzzle and will add towards the gamer knowing what the hidden word is. When a player chooses a letter that is not in the given phrase this will then start the process of hanging your character as each unsuccessful letter will add another part of the guillotine and when it is completed your player will hang and it will constitute game over for the player.

The concept of the game is very simplistic but also highly entertaining and great fun and this is why it tops our chart of Blackberry games.

Another great blackberry game we felt deserved to be on our list is the Blackberry Bubble Birds Mobile Game which is another puzzle / platform game which is extremely entertaining throughout. The basic aim of the game is for the gamer to attempt to score as many points as possible by shooting down as many bubble birds as they possibly can within a given time frame. Players will score points for shooting groups of three or more birds which will then eliminate them from the puzzle but you must be quick as the more birds that you miss then the more that will attack you and cause game over. The game has brilliant graphics and game play and is one of the most addictive we have ever played.

Our final game to make our list but by no means least is the classic Forces of War Blackberry Game which sees players thrust into a chaotic world of modern warfare. Gamers will be required to lead their crack team of marine commandos into battle against many rebel forces where they will need to eliminate all of their opposition and free the area from enemy forces. The game is brilliant from start to finish and takes the world of the mobile first person shooter game to whole new levels and it is extremely compelling from start to finish. You will find a wide variety of weaponry available to you as well as the chance to use extensive tactics and land, air and water based heavy artillery.

This blackberry game has absolutely brilliant graphics and game play and is by far the best first person shooter game we have ever experienced for the Blackberry and this is why we regard it so highly.

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