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The Kindle has fast becoming the most popular choice of mobile devices in the world today as it offers all the features required to be the perfect gaming platform for gamers to take advantage of.

Ever since it was first released there have been many kindle games released for this platform from a wide variety of genres but after great research and reviewing we have found that many of the best games for this platform come from one of the worlds leading development companies which of course is EA Sports Games. We have been reviewing as many of the best games on offer for this platform so the team at Free Mobile Applications could give you the most honest and detailed advice on the game that will change your world.

The first of the kindle games we found to be absolutely brilliant for the Kindle is the Battlefield 2 Bad Company Game  which is the first person shooter game that has taken the world by storm ever since its first release. This great game allows players to experience the deadly world of modern warfare as they battle their way through many dangerous and hostile terrains as they attempt to complete a series of missions set out by the game.

Players can experience free falling from 20,000ft as well as flying helicopters and fighter jets around the huge selection of maps within the game. As you would expect from a game created by EA Games the graphics are quite brilliant and highly detailed and this makes the game run so much smoother than ever before due to the screen capabilities of the Kindle. The game play again is some of the best we have ever played and the game itself is very easy to pick up by all level of gamer and is one of the most enjoyable games for this device.

The Second of the Kindle Games on our list takes the World of Professional Street Racing to whole new levels and is of course the latest edition of the extremely popular Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Kindle Game. This all new and extremely exciting racing based game offers the gamer many all new features and also some of the latest street courses to be found on any game of this type. The Kindle Games graphics are awesome to say the least and extremely free flowing from start to finish. Game play is where this game excels as it offers the gamer the chance to participate in one of the most challenging experience of their gaming lives.

After many hours playing this game the team at Free Mobile Applications just could not put it down and we also loved the fact that you can compete against your friends wirelessly by having two Kindles which is a great advantage for the game.

The last of the Kindle Games on our list but by no means least is the Dead Space Kindle Game which takes players on a solar mission to the stars as they attempt to survive an evil presence aboard your space craft. Players will need to hunt down and destroy this entity and its minions before they cause you and your team to make your way to a cold and endless space grave.

The team at Free Mobile Applications have found this game to be extremely good in regards of graphics and were amazed just how good they were at the start of reviewing the game as they are quite superb. This also goes for the game play as we found once that we had started playing the game we could just not put it down until we finished it which I would like to add we still have not done so far. We feel that if you are a fan of Kindle games then you will love these three that we have listed above so we hope you have the chance to enjoy them as much as we have reviewing them.

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