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The Apple Ipad has fast become one of the world’s most popular mobile devices and each day more and more content for this wonderful accessory comes on to the market.

One of the most popular types of these features that are available to the user is the use of a wide variety of Ipad video games that can be played. As there are now so many of these games to choose from on the market we have done our best to review and list what we feel are the best gaming titles available to you for the Ipad and you can find these below.

The first game that we would like to bring your attention to is the extremely popular Dungeon Hunter 2 HD  game which offers the gamer the chance to participate in a virtual world of fantasy called Gothicus. In the game players will be required to battle their way through many tasks and defeat countless enemies and participate in many battles throughout the game. The mobile game has some of the most jaw dropping graphics of any game we have reviewed for the Ipad and really does make the game one of the most pleasurable on the market. The game play is again fantastic and you will find yourself becoming immersed within the game in a matter of minutes.

 The next game we just had to mention is one of the worlds most successful ever sports based games that is of course F.I.F.A 2012 for the IPAD. This excellent football game offers the gamer the chance to compete against other players both online and in a single player capacity and really does excel any expectations that you may have had about it. Players can compete in a wide variety of tournaments such as the world cup and European championships as well as many new options such as the ultimate team feature.

You will be sure to find that this games graphical content is simply immense and some of the most realistic of any game in its class. It is also very easy to control with the controls being picked up extremely easily especially for gamers who have played the previous titles.

The final game on our list is by far one of the best driving based games we have ever seen for the Ipad and is the Real Racing 2 HD Ipad Game. This exceptional new racing game offers gamers some of the most fast paced and exciting racing action of all time and will be sure to have you all highly addicted within a matter of minutes. Players can compete in a wide variety of races and courses in a host of locations set across the world.

Ipad Gamers will find that this title has some of the most crystal clear and smooth running graphics of any racing game with minimal lag or screen delays. These graphics do so much to enhance the game as a whole and we found it to be one of the most satisfying and enjoyable racing experiences we have ever had. The game is very easy to control with the controls being readily available to pick up within seconds which is always a great advantage for the gamer.

These IPAD games are just a few of the increasing amount of games that are available to you each day and we hope that you have the chance to try them out as we are sure you will love them.

The Official Website for Apple’s Ipad games is: http://www.apple.com/uk/ipad/

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